Apptenium - In-app Feedback Documentation

Utilizing apptenium is easy.  On the home page you can see your current stats for apps configured, feedback for the month, and the number of users that have provided feedback in total for all your apps.  Each one of those headings can be selected to see a total view for all your apps.

If you want to see your individual apps click on the apps tab. here you can see all of your apps and have access to the information you are looking for on an app by app basis.  As you can see, each app has a count of the number of users that have provided feedback, access tothe apps id, The feedback tab to interact with feedbacks and the statistics for that app.

If we click on the feedbak for an app , we can see the feedback from our users and the ability to clcik on that request to either provide helpdesktype support or respond to the user on an individual basis.

Next you can respond to the feedback here. This can be a two way conversation like a ticketing system. you see what the user will see on their side