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Star Saber sword fighting game

Star Saber sword fighting game

0.1.7 by Big D Studio
(0 Reviews) February 25, 2024
Star Saber sword fighting game Star Saber sword fighting game Star Saber sword fighting game Star Saber sword fighting game Star Saber sword fighting game Star Saber sword fighting game

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February 25, 2024
Big D Studio
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Battle throughout the galaxy as you fight with your favorite dark & light side heroes across iconic locations. Create & customize your star saber using weapon parts from every era. Engage in action first person combat, epic boss battles, space quests, & more!
Defeat troopers, droids, bounty hunters & rise to the top as you compete in epic wars on different planets throughout the univerce wars. Every laser sword duel, epic battle or iconic fighting leads rebels to victory in this galactic wars against the Empire.

Master duel ! Combat in iconic duels against the best sword fencing masters in the universe. You better be a true blade master to beat all bosses.Face the apprentice of the emperor dark lord Scorn ! Challenge cyber hunter Ghunther ! Fight the bounty hunter gang leader Bobba ! Dethrone the darkside emperor to restore the balance in the galaxy. This is one of those battle action games where you could master duel skills.

Become a star saber maker ! Construct the best laser blade ever ! Collect rare weapon parts to merge them together in one custom star saber. You are able to fully customize all main pieces. Change pommel, handle, emitter and guard to construct a perfectly balanced star saber. If the stats of your space sword will be too low, or unbalanced you will face the consequences on the battlefront. Improve your sword maker skills to create iconic blades such as “Claymore of the light”, “The Chosen one”, “Star gazer”. Use them in battle to finish the wars across space in this epic sword fighting games.

Galactic combat awaits!

STAR SABER : sword fighting games GAMEPLAY

- Unlock legendary weapon parts from every era of the space wars!
- Build your own star saber to finish the univerce wars
- Control your dagger with your finger to slash hit and slice the mobs in first person view!
- Complete space quests and choose between the lightside and darkside!
- Duel with all-mighty bosses
- Battle in space against empires starships

In our sword fighting games you will battle a few evil bosses: snow monster AMAG, empire main wars robot XT1-STOMPER, dark lord Scorn, giant sand beast and finally The Emperor.
If you like sword fighting games, you will love this slicer adventure ! Beat them all to become a hero of the universe! Use the force of the blade to defeat evil bosses.
Solve mind blowing quests and communicate with other space knights , rebels and sky pirates to dethrone the Empire in the galactic wars.

Why the Star Saber : blade combat wars - is one of the best space duel games :
Exciting action missions with saber wars
Custom laser blade builder
Epic boss wars
Mysterious Quests
Сanonical locations and environments
Realistic 3D graphics

New content is added regularly !
by big D studioo

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